KG+ 2024



渡部さとる with 2B or not 2B (臼井奈津雄、加藤十兵衛、露野公丈、上田容子、あをぢい、小嶺尚志、Eri Kato、上野 眞裕、沼田 千園)

Satoru Watanabe with 2B or not 2B (Natsuo Usui, Jube Kato, Kimitake Tsuyuno, Yoko Ueda, Aozii, Takashi Komine, Eri Kato, Masahiro Ueno, Chisono Numata)


Inception means "beginning" or "origin ". In philosophy and psychology, it refers to the cause or starting point of phenomena that occur in the natural world, social events. Photography began with the vague images captured by camera obscura, and people were fascinated by the flickering light. This series is an extension of the six photo books that Satoru Watanabe has published so far, and is also the starting point. It is composed of a combination of out-of-focus images and text, reminding us that text is also an image. It is scheduled to be published as his seventh photo book in 2024.At KG +, the exhibition is designed to lead beyond the image. In addition to new works by Satoru Watanabe, the exhibition will also feature the works of the Workshop 2B members. This is the seventh exhibition of the group, and with each exhibition, the awareness that the work is not merely on display, but is a work of art until it is exhibited, has increased, and the group exhibition continues to challenge itself.


2F, 543 Shimourokogata-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto