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Satoru Watanabe, Taro Karibe, Laurent Seroussi, Julie Vacher

YAKUSHIMA PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL × Villa Kujoyama Collaboration exhibition “post-”

What exactly are we aware of?

According to the linguist Ferdinand de Saussure, humans are unconsciously influenced by the society and the language arbitrariness creates discrepancies in perception. In Japanese, "butterfly" and "moth" are conceptually distinct, but in French, "papillon" is used as a unifying term. This discrepancy in perception due to cultural differences unconsciously influences the way we see and think about the world.

Cultural anthropologist Levi Strauss, who advocated cultural relativism, said that there is no superiority or inferiority between societies, but differences in the routes of the societies. Even cultures and customs that do not appear to be rational at first glance have an intellectual framework with a precise system. It is a "bricolage" that categorizes and orders the world with rigorous logic.

Society is composed of unconscious structures and their relationships, which are universal and diverse.

This exhibition presents works put together like amoebas, created by four artists from Japan and France, each using the "senses," "perception," and "concepts" that they have cultivated from their native lands. We hope that this space will be an opportunity for insight into "post-" ideas.

"Post-" keeps us thinking on a set of questions already raised.” (Stuart Hall, cultural researcher.)

Has the Big Story come to an end?

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