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Jinn Yagi

Samsara, Fragments of Circularity

Title: "Samsara, Fragments of Circularity" Artist: Jinn Yagi Dates: April 13th (Sat) - May 5th (Sun) Location: backsGazai Gallery Reincarnation is a religious and philosophical concept found in Buddhism, Hinduism, and other traditions, signifying the cycle of life and death, and the process of rebirth. It involves individuals being reborn, experiencing the cycle, and welcoming a new life. In the exhibition "Samsara, Fragments of Circularity," images generated from Jinn's photographs and paintings are continuously repeated and iterated on a single canvas. Visitors will experience the infinite possibilities of art and the beauty of transformation through this repetition. Different techniques intricately intersect, forming images of circulating fragments. These images take on complex and symmetrical geometric patterns and shapes within circles or squares, creating mandala patterns. - From the taillights of cars emerges a parallel world, - Clouds born from insecticides, - A demon born from combining warring national flags, - A microcosmic stained glass born from scrap iron. Fragments, whether related to karma or beauty, there are hints of liberation in the details. Jinn digs into these fragments, sharing images imbued with the essence of reincarnation. Visitors have the opportunity to sense a part of their own Samasara within the artworks.

backs Gazai Gallery

11 Hinokuchicho Ichijoji Sakyoku Kyoto