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Gabe Chan

Non finito

The concept of ‘Nonfinito’ first originated from the Italian Renaissance, it translates to ‘unfinished’ in English and it refers to the deliberate choice of the artist to leave a work of art incomplete, particularly in sculpture and painting. Viewing from another perspective, nonfinito points to infinity, of another kind. While we often feel intimidated when something is left ‘unresolved’ and ‘unfinished’, we also gain a certain level of security from being able to visualise the potentials, and anticipate for something more. Our imaginations are entertained with the ‘what if’s. The concept of Nonfinito can indeed resonate with the experience of unhealed trauma, unfulfilled relationships or relationships that stop or are abandoned midway. Sharing with the audience is Gabe's personal journey through stages of grief, self-discovery and healing. Visitors are invited to actively engage with the artworks in an inclusive space the artist created. Through the intimate storytelling, Gabe hopes to instil a sense of companionship and resilience in her audience, to remind them through her photographs that eventually we will all find our peace of mind. The strengths we need to navigate hardship have always been inside of us. What if this is not the end? What if this is? What if there’s still a chance —

Musen Studio

B/F, 353-1,Tsukinuke 2chōme, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto