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Seira Uchida

Virtual Mementos Association

 Virtual Mementos Association" is a series of installations that allows visitors to experience an "imaginary faith that might be possible" in today's world where flaming and divisions by algorithms create social issues. In creating this work, Uchida researched the interactions between people and the invisible deceased through offering objects in the Jizo faith in Aomori, Japan. And then she converted it to a method that imagines the invisible others of today - people divided by algorithms. The transformation of memorial items into 3D objects is done through photogrammetry, a technique that synthesizes large numbers of photographs into three-dimensional objects. The data is made available for downloading and used as a part of other games to intervene in the process of creating stories in the future(she calls the process as reincarnation of the objects), thus exploring the nature of contemporary photography and the distribution and value of memory. In this series, the story and VR space change according to the exhibition space, and a new version of the story will be told in this exhibition as well.

Visiting the VR memorial hall for mementos : You can visit the "Virtual Home of Mementos," which is a part of the works in this exhibition. Before the experience, we will explain the manner of VR worship in the "Virtual Mementos Association" for those who make a reservation.
If you wish to try, please make a reservation at the URL below. (Accepting reservations from Tuesday, April 9th)


3F Sekisen-in-cho, Sanjo Shirakawabashi-Agaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto