KG+ 2024


井口直人 杉浦篤 山口慧太郎 中田啓瑛 米田祐二

Naoto Iguchi, Atsushi Sugiura, Keitaro Yamaguchi, Keiyo Nakata, Yuji Yoneda


For Keitaro Yamaguchi, the lens is not a window through which to view the outside world, but rather just the right projection on which to place his left hand when pressing the shutter. Naoto Iguchi has been performing the shocking act of copying his own face on a copy machine set to two colors for over 20 years. The photographs with memories change like decayed old photographs because Atsushi Sugiura touches them with deep affection. Keiyo Nakata, who has been capturing everyday life with a camera since he was a child, documents his own fashion on a daily basis.Yuji Yoneda's photographs reflect his own point of view in his daily life, and the series of processes that begin with the photo shoot are an important means of communication with others.
This exhibition, titled "art space co-jin + picture = "Co-pic,"" introduces the unique and diverse worlds created through the activities of the above five photographers.
The exhibition will present a view that cannot be fully grasped within the framework of "expression" or "artwork".

art space co-jin

Les Frères 1F, 83 Miyagakicho, Kawaramachi-dori Kojinguchi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City