KG+ 2024


大竹 央祐

Yosuke Ohtake

Rumor and Archive

Being just one individual among the masses, I photograph my experiences to convey them to the audience. Through this act, even when distanced from the subjects, I find that I can still preserve the authentic essence of the original. By capturing images for the audience, I wish to communicate that art can be something owned by the audience. Over time, I have engaged in endeavors to go beyond the boundaries of architectural interiors and exteriors, capturing elements such as the light, wind, and atmospheric qualities of a place in the same format. I have also explored the fascination of my captured images becoming something belonging to others. In this exhibition, I reexamine photographs taken by the public, released from artworks, exhibits, and spaces. As we celebrate the first anniversary since its inception, I invite you to explore 'Kuma,' a space where everyone is allowed to engage. Please join us in commemorating this milestone and experience the openness that allows everyone to participate.


18-7 Nishinokyo Nishigetsukocho Nakagyo-ku Kyoto