KG+ 2024



Edouard Burgeat, Marie Polo, ADC303, Samuel André


CONSACRE (“Dedicated” in French) is an homage to the values and virtues that sacrality unites in a state of dedication. A universal force and vision which connect us all - beyond specific religions, cultures or geographical regions. This interactive photography exhibition by French artist Edouard Burgeat will also take life through the performance of Marie Polo alongside the sound installation of ADC303 and Samuel André. Hosted inside Kōshō-ji temple to offer a unique sensorial and artistic experience. Honouring silences, inner calm or wind blowing through tree leaves, naturally impulsing movement to the photography prints on fabrics. Guiding the audience on this path of inner and outer discoveries.  “In religion the Future is behind us. In art the Present is eternal.” (Okakura Kakuzô). This suspended time crystallising the work of Edouard Burgeat, who has travelled the world and captured through his analog camera the essence of sacred momentum. Visitors will be transported through the acoustic soundscape installation, pulled like a magnet in motion by the ritualistic performance of Marie Polo (artist and healer). Embracing cycles of existence and ephemeral beauty of this magical location. In vibrant humility and harmony. A deep dive into visible and invisible parts of sacrality. 

Kosho-ji Temple

〒602-0082 Kyoto, Kamigyo Ward, Kamitenjincho, 647