KG+ 2024



Ayako Kato, Miwa Nomura, Minami Yamanaka

In Bloom

The title phrase “in bloom” refers to flowering, and symbolizes the transformation as we reclaim our everyday lives in the years since the COVID-19 pandemic struck across the world. Even in the midst of such dizzying transformation, flowers remain a close part of our day-today experience, and bloom in order to create seeds for the future. Ayako Kato, whose photography focuses on the unintentional humor lurking in daily life in a neighborhood close to Asakusa, captures funny little moments with flowers. Miwa Nomura, who addresses the relationship between people and nature in her work, offers flowers to those who have passed away through the process of photographing chrysanthemums on medium-format film. Minami Yamanaka looks to the mechanisms of natural phenomena in everyday life as a theme in her practice. Here, she presents flowers as simply plants without use by focusing on their seeds. In this exhibition, flowers are viewed from the varying perspectives of three artists from different backgrounds and generations. You are invited to appreciate this collection of works from artists gradually blooming into the future.

Dohjidai gallery of Art

1928blg 2F, 56 Higashibenkeiishi-cho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto-City, KYOTO