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Thierry Maindrault, Jun Sato, Alain Robert

Who are We?

This creative collection is based on the diverse and varied links that are created and intertwined in the relationships of couples who live together for many years. Gradually, an important mimicry takes place on the physical representation as well as on the various intellectual levels.
The bonds that keep the two bodies together bring about a fusion into a single being, like two closely linked trees which are mutually phagocytizing each other. It is interesting to note that in the majority of situations, one of the two subjects takes more or less the upper hand over the other.
Each of these imaginary fusions generates a chimera which challenges us about our evolutions and mutations.
How did the mind and the hand of man manage to produce shapes, more or less look liking, with blocks of stone as diverse as they are complex in their structure?
The physical and chemical studies provide precise answers for both the sculptures and the bas-reliefs. It is outside these objective results that Jun Sato went to extract the messages and their spirituality with a photographic camera.
With his know-how, he knows how to restore to us this very special vibration which invades us when we stop our journey in front of these works which no longer have an age, but still have a soul.
In his very personal and very didactic style, Alain Robert has studied the relationships of dependencies, of conflicts, of obligations and of educations that exist inside the same person.
These links, more or less buried in the subconscious of each, take an increasing amplitude as time goes by, the age advances and the experience that wins us.
This work of precision in the expression of the subjects is particularly well done in the pictorial sense, while leaving a part of emotion that the subjects share with the readers of these artworks.

Machikado Gallery Zen

100 Nishidacho, Jodoji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8417