Yuma Nishimura


Humankind does not stop evolving. We cannot go back, but through these two projects, I am creating a record of our existence. In the Daily life in the bottle series, I put beloved moments of my daily life into bottles and send them to the future, in hopes that if a good future is imagined, it will be realized. I leave them behind, hoping that in the future when the bottles are discovered, they will be a bright spot in someone’s daily life. In the Touched (Skin) series, viewers can physically touch these photographs. In an age where we refrain from physical contact and hesitate to connect in this way, these pieces demonstrate just how important touching and being touched is to human beings, and impresses this idea onto the minds of viewers. The physical body and consciousness eventually separate, and we may evolve in ways that, with our current theories, we will never fully understand. Through these photographs, I will ask viewers what things can never be forgotten in this process.

Yuma Nishimura was born in 1995. He graduated from the Nihon University College of Art Department of Design in 2018. He creates works based on the concept of leaving one’s existence behind so that it will be discovered in the future. Influenced by futurists like Kevin Kelly and Ray Kurzweil, Nishimura, through his photography, transforms the plusses and minuses of human progress and technological development from nebulous visions of the future into everyday scenes and moments. In doing so, he offers a vision of a future in which cloning, AI, and the like have liberated humans from the relationship between mind and body.
Nishimura continues to show his work in group exhibitions, and has received the 2022 TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD 2022, the Yuki Tawada Award, and the APA PHOTO AWARD.

Horikawa Oike Gallery

238-1, Oshiaburanokoji-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-0052

Subway Tozai Line "Nijojo-mae" station. 3 min on foot from exit 2