Shinichiro Uchikura


The Sea of Oblivion

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I live and work in Miyazaki Prefecture. Everywhere I look, it is surrounded by the sea. The shore continues with beautiful beaches well cleaned by the government and volunteers. A little further out, however, it is a completely opposite world. The shore that has been abandoned and forgotten, with drifted and illegally dumped materials. The seashore as it is in today's society, where no one even enters. Plastic, gloves, toys, sh, and bird carcasses, all of which have been turned into trash and are empty of color and brightness. Things from far away, tossed about by the waves of time, dried up by the sun and transformed into new forms. These are traces of human involvement that evoke an odd sensation, as if they were not of this world. I walk on, looking down, absorbed in my walk. No anger, no disappointment. I simply collected the wreckage as they were on the spot, one by one.

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10:00 - 19:00

Open: 5/2-5/21 10:00-19:00 Open everyday

gallery NEUTRAL

287 Saikachicho, Kyoto Shi Kamigyo Ku, Kyoto Fu, 602-8242, Japan
Horikawa New Culture Building Kyoto 2F

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