KG+ 2023



横浪 修

Osamu Yokonami


haku kyoto is pleased to present "ASSEMBLY," a solo exhibition by Osamu Yokonami.In recent years, Yokonami has created two main series. In the "1000 Children" series, he shot children under the same conditions to reveal the individuality of each child in his or her unconsciousness. In contrast to these series, the "ASSEMBLY" series, in which groups of people are shot, will be presented in this exhibition.In this series, he shot them dressed the same way in a nature, and by looking down on the individual gatherings, the individuality fades away and the strength of the collective mass is brought into relief. Then, in the "ASSEMBLY SNOW" series, which is an extension of these series, he attempts to further unify the individual by overlapping and melting together, keeping it as a phenomenon before it mixes, melts, and disappears. If you look closely at the inside of the assemblage, you can find individuality in each dot within it. Even a large mass of aggregates is also a part of a wider world. The connection between micro and macro perspectives in his works will make us feel the fragility of life and the relationship with society in which people live.

haku kyoto

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