Sharol Xiao


Live Hard, Love Harder

Studio H

"Live Hard, Love Hard" will exhibit Sharol's self-portrait photography and release the new book "Sharol Nude" ,"Sharol Nude" is the latest photo collection by Taiwanese artist Sharol Xiao, to be presented at the Kyoto Photography Festival in Japan. Featuring a plethora of self-portraits taken with a film camera, the 288-page black and white photo book offers a glimpse into the freedom, reality, and fantasy that intersect within us. Through these images, Sharol Xiao explores the relationship between the individual, the universe, and society, emphasizing the importance and beauty of harmony. "Sharol Nude" is a testament to Sharol Xiao's deep understanding and keen observation of life, a culmination of her artistic journey thus far.

Studio H

11:00 - 00:00

Open: 4/15–5/14 11:00–19:00 1st Floor:TIME MACHINE GOES BIG TIME/STUDIO 37 Open:19:00-25:00 Closed on Monday & Tuesday

キュレーター|Curator: 中牟田洋一|Yoichi Nakamuta
協賛|Sponsorship: Jwagg Art Foundation

Studio H

448-17 Kajiicho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

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