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Lorraine Thiria

The light of walls

Working with matter, memory and time is an ongoing project by French photographer Lorraine Thiria and this last years exhibition continues with the fourth chapter : « the light of walls ». For the artist, photography has a force that alters perceptions and relationship to time, creating sensitive connections and vital emotions. It has the power to anchor sensations, a musicality, vibrations, a space where sounds and dreams vibrate. It is an imprint that shifts the gaze, what Leonard Cohen called the "crack that lets the light in". Inspired with this insight, the artist uses her photography of "matter", essentially wall matter, to experience this crack, this passage, in a lively and emotional way. The walls are for her the materialization of a sensitive body in permanent apprehension. Their material is the crack that lets the light in ; it enchants our world by revealing the imprints of time and its memories, and by creating a link between past and present, visible and invisible, presence and absence. By capturing a mural detail, a line, an asperity, a trace, a furrow, a wound, her photographs allow us to extract ourselves from reality, to lose all spatial and temporal reference points and melt into abstraction. They aim to paint a fertile abstraction, to create sensations and emotions, and to liberate the imagination so as to feel alive and connect us all, collectively. Lorraine Thiria started out as a lawyer before becoming a painter and then a photographer. She sees herself as an adventuress of the sensory world trying to translate and transcribe her emotions into photographic pictures, attempting to catch the language of walls, and to inhabit their colourful memories and whispers. Her photographs of wall material are inseparable from her pictorial work. Indeed, the pictorial filter always accompanies (and even precedes) her photographic gaze which never ceases to deconstruct reality in order to capture its abstraction. Official website : Instagram : macosmicgirl Facebook : Lorraine Thiria The artist will be present at the opening event on April 20 (Sat) from 5 p.m to 7 p.m (free admission). She will give an explanation of her work. The artist herself will be in attendance on April 23, 24, and 25 and by appointment. Please visit :


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