KG+ 2023



[SIC!] Artist Collective: Kai Cassuben, Dominique Donoval, Claudia Eschborn, Fabian Hammerl


The artist collective Shopping Item Collective [sic!] links actual, surreal and fictional places into a new integral whole. 
Extensive travellers - physically and spiritually -, the four members of [sic!] share their photographic investigations of spaces in Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Austria and Japan, turning a 集いの間 into a Lesezimmer (reading room), where a selection of photographs, artist books and zines can be discovered. Kai Cassuben presents extracts from a series of photographs originated between 2014 and 2017. While walking in Hamburg with his Fuji Instax Mini Camera he took a single instant picture of each and every church in the city. 
Dominique Donoval has collected and categorised photographs of interiors from France, depicting visions of ‘a perfect corner’.

Claudia Eschborn shows excerpts from her series "walk with me" - the photographs were taken in the autumn of 2022 in the context of an artist residency in the North of Denmark. Fabian Hammerl’s works are part of the long-term project "Things as They”, in which he investigates urban and suburban landscapes with a focus on their emotive qualities. Visitors are invited to spend time at 集いの間, delve into the works on the walls and the publications on the table and become part of [sic!]’s fictitious travelogue.

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