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Thierry Maindrault, Jun Sato, Alain Robert

Utopian Light

Nebula Incerta [Utopian Light] • Museum of Kaleidoscope
Thierry MAINDRAULT has been working on the ocular and cerebral perception of a photograph for more than fifty years. The interpretation of the image is dissonant between an eye and an optics of photographic lens.
It was within the goal of this research that he established, at the beginning of the 2000s, the technique of “uncertain blur”. This traditional photographic image whose sharpness, total or partial, depends directly on its reading distance with the eye.
More other, his permanent work on flowers immediately established itself as a user of this complex technique to offer a great sensuality adapted to each artwork
The artworks which are presented to you are a part of a great collection of permanent researches. The first photographs showed in Arles (Atrium 2021).
This excellent work on light and especially on its absence (shadows) took as subjects the various Japanese paper folding techniques (origami & kirigami).
This creative photography, in a double meaning, shows us a perfect technique in the millimetric use of light and a luxuriant creativity through the making of the paper creation and their constructions by the author himself.
A lot of reflexions in front of these images of still lifes custom-designed by this creator of many talents.
This exhibition is the first part of a study of contemporary creative designs using crystal, in all its physical forms.
All subjects photographed were the subject of a light study when they were photographed. After a very strict selection of these shots, graphic relief work makes it possible to extract the best from the material.
Through images that seem very structured to us, it is in reality the infinite plays of light with matter that question us.

Kaleidoscope Museum Kyoto

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