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John Einarsen

Deep Seeing

Deep Seeing John Einarsen has taken many kinds of photographs throughout his life, but for the past 13 years he has incorporated Miksang contemplative photography into his practice. It is concerned with slowing down our minds in order to see the world “as it is.” “Seeing” is with us each day and a source of great joy. It is a journey of noticing more deeply whatever is around us, understanding and appreciating the essence of things. What is the source of a contemplative image? When we are able to be still and receptive, the world appears more vivid, like removing grime from a window. There is a gap in thinking, and if the eye, mind, and heart are aligned, a unique perception can arise and manifest naturally. For a brief window the world can appear as it is unfiltered by human constructs, fresh and exhilarating, and be expressed with precision as a photograph. In this way we genuinely connect to the boundless, graceful, and fleeting nature of reality. This condition can be elusive and is hard to sustain, and on many days is out of reach entirely. The images presented here were taken in those moments of clarity.

Gallery Take Two

Kameyacho399, Kyoto Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto