KG+ 2024


京都写真家協会 (川西善樹、草木勝、平井豪、閔雄基、朴淳國 他25名)

Kyoto Photographers Society (KAWANISHI Yoshiki、 KUSAKI Masaru、 HIRAI Tuyoshi、MIN WOONG GI、PARK SOON GOOK and 25 other artists)

Cross the bridge and...

Bridges are not only transportation hubs, but also bridges of culture and history. Bridges are also sometimes powerful symbols of bridging divides, connecting people to people, past to future. On the other hand, bridges are often symbols of challenge and growth in the face of difficulties. In this exhibition, we, the Kyoto Photographers' Society and the Daegu Photographers' Society of Korea, will share the same theme, and through the rich metaphors latent in the relationships between bridges and people and in the surrounding landscapes, we will present photographs of our respective cities. Through this exhibition, we aim to deepen mutual understanding between different cultures by touching on the stories spun by bridges in each of the two cities.

Shijo-dori Underpass

Between Exits 11-14 of Shijo-dori Underpass