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Ecole Penninghen

Ecole Penninghen


While we have no proof that the world has an origin, no one has proof that it does not.... Yet the universe has a history... But was there a past to the universe? Is there a source? In the end, perhaps the origin does not exist as a founding act. Might not the origin be more of an illusion? Going back to the source means seeking what precedes it, rediscovering the original moment, the triggering factor: an emotion, a light, a place, a being, a sensation... . In this way, the source is part of a continuum, an event generated by something that precedes it. But isn't the source itself a perpetual movement in which time and space merge? What is the source? Where is the foundation? Can we think of the beginning? Wouldn't the source of the source be the source itself? Thinking of the origin means considering a beginning, a point of departure to give oneself a direction, but never necessarily only one point of destination. * Arkhè (Ancient Greek: ἀρχή / arkhḗ) is a philosophical concept that designates the origin, the foundation, the beginning of the world.

Bijuu Gallery

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