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Kyohei Hattori


haku kyoto is pleased to present "Bakon" , a solo exhibition by photographer Kyohei Hattori. Hattori has been taking photographs for the purpose of re-acknowledging and discovering new things about himself. The subjects reflected in his photographs are universal subjects that everyone has seen before, such as trivial moments in daily life and interactions with friends. Everyday life is subjective to each person and is the most obscure existence on which personal significance depends. Hattori sublimates his own emotions and everyday scenes through photography, viewing it as a communication tool that facilitates sharing with others. The title symbolizes the sound of the shutter of the film camera he uses. The sound of the shutter is not developed in a photograph, but it is essential. It makes sense to consider what is natural and what is important. The benchmark for what is considered normal differs from person to person. The family in which one was born and raised and one's daily life have a great influence. This exhibition will provide a perspective from which to explore the ambiguities that are both seemingly absent and fresh.

haku kyoto

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