Jae Hun Nam

Piece of Memory

When a hazy memory intrudes on my mind, I begin to feel uncomfortable within the confines of the cage. Perhaps this blurry memory stems from family breakdown during my childhood, frequent school transfers, and the violence inflicted upon me by my constantly changing surroundings. I’ve become accustomed to hiding, without revealing my true self.

I am not used to change because I am so busy hiding myself. Life in this day and age feels fast and chaotic. So many things change in a short period of time and are replaced by new things. I often feel like I’m becoming smaller and smaller in the midst of a rapidly changing society. I am forced to make countless decisions and choices as I swim through life trying to find my identity and purpose amidst unknown external pressures.

In order to overcome this sense of isolation and anxiety, I decided to visit a place from my past that I had been thinking about. After struggling to find my way, I reached the place I was looking for and discovered that I felt and appeared differently from my usual helpless self. As a way to confront myself, I set up a camera and recorded myself standing in this place that I had been thinking about. In the process of returning to the space of my experience, I encountered a time of reflection caused by the physical distance from the camera. I was able to explore my worries and conflicts through dialogue with myself, and the rigid figure of ‘I’ became a symbol of the separation of individuals in society.

Horikawa Oike Gallery

238-1, Oshiaburanokoji-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-0052

Subway Tozai Line "Nijojo-mae" station. 3 min on foot from exit 2