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Chen Minhui

The Siege

"The Siege" series is a product of the collision between my inner world and external reality. I use simple elements—tape, paper, walls—to reveal and question the boundaries constructed by society. The outer frame of the work symbolizes the invisible social norms, while the inside represents the space we are expected to fill and conform to. Tearing and reconstructing the internal space expresses resistance to traditional norms, showing the need for personal freedom and creative expression. Each act of tearing is a challenge to the cage formed by social norms; each reconstruction is an exploration of possibilities. "The Siege" aims to inspire viewers to think about the relationship between the self and society. It invites viewers to examine the seemingly solid walls in our daily lives. We are all trapped in our own sieges, yet we all yearn to glimpse the broader sky through those cracks. The work seeks self-expression within these boundaries. They are a continuous dialogue with the inescapable constraints and my artistic exploration for freedom within the cage of established norms.

Gallery Metabo

Metabookazaki103, 18, Shogoin Sannocho, Kyoto Shi Sakyo Ku, Kyoto Fu, 606-8392, Japan