Yuichi Mori

森 佑一



Coffee is a very familiar part of our daily lives. It is woven into our daily routine, and many of us probably do not go a day without drinking it. Although coffee is a commonplace, few people know that its culture originated in Yemen, located at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, 9,000 kilometers away from Japan. In this exhibition, Yemen is represented through a trinity of photographs, videos, and Yemeni coffee, using not only the senses of sight and sound, but also smell and taste, in an attempt to transform the distance of 9,000 kilometers that separates us into the more familiar distance of 9,000 millimeters.


12:00 - 21:00

Open: 4/15-5/14 12:00-21:00 (14:00-18:00 closed )
Closed: Wed.


260 Idemizu-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

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