Kyoto Photographers Society (Yoshiki Kawanishi, Masaru Kusaki, Tsuyoshi Hirai, MIN WOONG GI, PARK SOON GOOK and 25 other artists)



Shijo-dori Underpass

Not to mention examples like the Seine, which flows through the city of Paris. Every city has a river that represents it. Rivers have not only provided the city with the water it needs, but have also served as places of recreation for its citizens. They also give character to the city as a whole through their seasonal changes in scenery. The river has also served as a stage for historical events that took place there. We,The Kyoto Photographers Society and the Daegu Photographers Society of Korea, will try to express the images of each city through the exhibition of the Kamogawa River in Kyoto and the Sincheon River in Daegu.

Shijo-dori Underpass


Open: 4/15-5/14
Open everyday

Shijo-dori Underpass

Between Exits 11-14 of Shijo-dori Underpass

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