KG+ 2023




Red Lips

Red lips have been described as a social symbol. In the past, it was a symbol of women's exclusive beauty. Today, in the age of gender equality, it has become a more freely and powerful cultural symbol. However, we should not forget that many sacrifices have been made throughout history to reach the current "freedom of expression” that "Red lips" convey. This project uses contemporary dance techniques in the portraits. The red circle is a symbol of stereotypes and gender prejudice in the world, and a giant barrier that separates us when we overcome stereotypes with the power of awakening. The portraits express the feelings of helplessness and confusion when covered by such biased values or when faced with irrational attacks, and through the contemporary performance of "Red Lips," the feelings and intentions wearing the lips regardless of age, gender, or nationality are expressed. Through this project, the artist raises a question about the invisible gender values of viewers by visualizing emotions.

COCOTO by COCO Gallery

209-2 Nabeya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto