KG+ 2023


戴 セスカ

Dai Cesca

Twin Me

"Twin Me" is a word coined by the artist and is unrelated to the terms twin souls or twin flames, which are rooted in new-age spiritualism. One model plays two roles in the work, synthesizing and expressing as if two people are living together. The number of people who live alone in modern society might increase more and more in the future. In the current COVID period, we have more time to face ourselves, and it is crucial to balance our minds. When you feel lonely, you may crave a partner. In this world, there might be people whose souls are like our twin souls making us complete. Sometimes we can get along, and other times we fight. Whether you are alone, or with someone, you have no choice but to face yourself. Everything you face becomes a mirror of yourself. Even if you find someone to fill the missing parts of yourself, you will not be satisfied in the end. Ultimately, you must accomplish your own integration. Integration of "Mind" and "Heart." 

kokoka Kyoto International Community House (kokoka)

2-1 Awataguchitorii-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto