KG+ 2023



Yoko Ishii, Antonin Lainé

Abandoned Kingdoms

"Abandoned Kingdom" is a transcription of two visual worlds by Yoko Ishii (Japan) and Antonin Lainé (France) : industrial wastelands and mines in Europe and deer all over Japan, from Hokkaido to Nara, Miyajima, and Okinawa. What the two photographers have in common is their special relationship to nature, whether mineral or animal. It is a link with time that has frozen, still bearing witness to the past of industrial mining, or harbinger of an uneasy future. By choosing framing and timing, Yoko Ishii creates a world where there are only deer. Antonin Lainé takes his camera into places that have become inaccessible, where conditions for photographing are limited to the extreme. “Abandoned Kingdoms” was first exhibited Arles (France) in August 2021 at the gallery Aux Docks d’Arles, and toured Clamecy (France) and Moustiers (France) in 2022. The exhibition will be held for the first time in Japan in April 2023.

Gallery Yougen

〒605-0825 京都府京都市東山区下河原町489−2, 2階