KG+ 2023



Cindy Bissig

Blurred Reality “Disoriented”

Blurred Reality is an ongoing project by Swiss photographer Cindy Bissig and this years exhibition continues where last year’s “Blurred Reality” left. “Disoriented” is the second exhibition of this ongoing project created in 2021.

The first instalment of Blurred Really highlighted the fine line or grey space that lies between reality and our imagination. Beautiful places of escape layered on top of our real lives. Just as its predecessor “Disoriented” deals with a shift in reality. However, this exhibition looks much closer at a sense of displacement, isolation and the question of “how did I get here?”

"Disoriented" is a multi-sensory exhibition consisting of photographs, sound and video. Separated into two parts, visitors will be invited to watch 4 short videos - created by discarded frames that lead up to the key images. They are created to give the visitors a glance at what have might happened just before the photo was taken.

Does this new information change or intensify perception? The goal is to create a dialogue with ourselves and how we perceive what we see and why.


278-1 Yamashiro-cho HIgashiyama-ku,Kyoto