KG+ 2023






Parapraxis means actions in daily life that oppose one’s intention. It is like mispronunciation in speech, misplacement of objects, and any form of forgetfulness. Psychologists do not consider it as just random errors, but clues to one’s unconscious world. Parapraxis happens a lot on Bobyea. He always has problems delivering his point of view fluently and he didn’t know it until his friends pointed it out. He stutters all the time - when he does presentations, photo shootings, and works on other projects. People would laugh sometimes and most of the time everyone feels at ease. A parapraxis is like a gap between the conscious and unconscious world. That interested him a lot and he wants to depict the mood of it in his photography. The “Parapraxis” series consists of two worlds. An innocent world presented by 3 different girls that everything is pure and clear. The other world is closer to reality while audiences can only see the girls’ faces ambiguously. To Bobyea, the innocent world is the ideal self that everyone dreams of. The latter one is the chaotic process you need to get through before you make it. When audience views both world at the same time, he hopes they can see the struggles between the two worlds. He began this series in 2019. It was a Japanese illustrator providing him few paintings to get an inspiration. He likes observing people’s self-conflict moments. When he looks at the illustrations, all the details drove him to explore the insecurities behind them. The plants, the clips on her hands, and the rope she tries to balance on, all bring him to this new photography series. He believes the unconscious world is a place that people can’t stop to explore. We know much less than we truly know. The soul in the unconscious world always tries to come out and tell us more, as long as we are willing to listen. How to live peacefully with both worlds is always the crucial question of life.


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