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an art collaboration with Nature by Robert Wallace

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Robert Wallace has long been inspired and influenced by the unsolicited and involuntary art collaborations between Mother Nature and Man. A concrete wall or corrugated steel siding stained by rain and wind and sun and time. Without a brush or pigment or any artist tool whatsoever Nature creates incredible pictures from and upon the most mundane man-made objects.

He can’t say what first drew him to these “found paintings”. Perhaps it was the absolute randomness of the design, the sort of wabi-sabi essence, completely free of intent. Maybe it was the furtive and clever subversion of man’s vainglorious and stupid constructions. Maybe it was a secret joy, the pleasure he got from discovering such pictures in his day-to-day travels that few others would notice or be interested in.

For years Wallace has aspired to emulate these beautiful, natural artworks that have evolved over decades, sometimes centuries. It is futile and consequently humbling.

So after more than 25 years of painting he decided to collaborate directly with Nature. The idea was to paint four pictures and then pass them on to Her to do what She does without direction or influence from him.

The four paintings loosely represent the four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall), the four points of the compass (north, south, east and west) and the four elements (fire, water, air and earth). These are the forces that act upon and shape both the natural and manmade world. In the spring of 2018 these paintings were left in the forests of Kuta, Keihoku, Kameoka and Miyama in northern Kyoto. Each season he ventured into the forests and documented the changes with photos and video. Now, four years later, the pictures are being repatriated to civilization and an exhibition is being held.

Wallace’s motivation for this project is in part a fervent belief that the most beautiful art made by the most talented artists is always somehow inferior to the creations of Nature. The real beauty of the world is often just beyond our doorstep.

be-kyoto gallery

10:00 - 17:00

Admission free

Open:4/13-4/21 10:00-17:00

be-kyoto gallery

429-1 Anrakukouji-chō Kamidachiuri Shinmachi-dōri Kamigyō-ku Kyōto 602-0064

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