Kyoto Photographers Society  Nobuyoshi Ochi、Yoshiki Kawanishi、Masaru Kusaki、 MIN WOONG GI、 PARK SOON GOOK and others

京都写真家協会 越智信喜、川西善樹、草木勝、閔雄基、朴淳國 他25名

Changing KYOTO / Changing DAEGU

Shijo-dori Underpass

Currently, people around the world are subject to various restrictions, including restrictions on movement, due to the new coronavirus infection. This time was also an opportunity to reconsider the city of Kyoto where we live. Kyoto is said to be “The unchanging city." But like any other city, the cityscape of Kyoto is sure to continue to transform into what it deserves at that time. In this photo exhibition, the landscape photograph of Kyoto taken by photographer Kiichi Asano (deceased) from 1945 to 1965 and the current photograph of Kyoto taken by us members of the Kyoto Photographers Association will be exhibited side by side. In this way, the appearance of Kyoto, which is newly born with the times and is lost at the same time, is photographed. At the same time, the Daegu Photographers Association of South Korea will exhibit photographs of the same purpose regarding Daegu City in South Korea. The same photo exhibition will be held jointly in Daegu, South Korea.

Shijo-dori Underpass

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Shijo-dori Underpass

Between Exits 11-14 of Shijo-dori Underpass

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