KG+ 2022



Miwako Iga

Narrative & Non-Narrative

Miwako Iga is known for her photographic works that capture small dolls and toys for playing house. Iga creates movie-like, theatrical scenes rich in narrative allusions, or weird and nonsensical scenes, using mass-produced dolls or toys, and photograph them with a touch of virulent humor. Her work, which can be categorized both as a kind of staged photography and a variant of ready-made, draws inspiration from her childhood memory of cheap, primitive chroma-key images seen on TV and in movies. In this exhibition she will present recent series of works that are based on famous novels and other literature works, as well as some older works called "Playthings" series that depict messed-up dolls and toys without straightforward narrative quality. As such, by juxtaposing things that play a role and that don't, Iga invites the viewers to a realm where reality and fictitiousness merge in a complex manner.

HRD Fine Art

494-1 Kamigoryo-Tatemachi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto