KG+ 2022


伊藤 妹

Mai Ito


I have a persistent feeling of detachment from my physical and mental self. I sometimes feel as if I am observing my life from the outside (detachment), or as if I am cut off from the outside world (loss of sense of reality). When I am overwhelmed, I have been experiencing strong drowsiness and have felt a gap in my memory recognition of myself and others. When I was in elementary school, I was called an " child of alien" by my classmates because I was a mysterious child. Later, she began to leave behind photographs to help with her memory. The world of reflection and the world of shadows. In spite of the reflection of myself and my shadow in the show window, I feel as if something is taking my body, and when I think about it, I even feel as if I am deeply confronting myself. I wonder how others see me. How do the things and people in my photos look at me? I was called an alien child, but am I blending in well with the world?

The Rein Hotel

67-1 Yanaginoshita-cho Higashikujo Minami-ku Kyoto