KG+ 2022



Lucas Leglise, Mana Kikuta


«Soup» is an exhibition of the latest photographs of French artist Lucas Leglise and Japanese artist Mana Kikuta.

Lucas Leglise's new body of work questions the process by which analog photographic images emerge, weaving together the subjects of photographs and the ingredients used in their processing, through the findings made in the late 1990s at the University of Rochester about the use of phenol-based solutions - like seaweed infusion or coffee - as a replacement for conventional photo chemicals. «Coffee Machines» - a photographic inventory of the different ways of brewing coffee - and «Photographs of Japanese Algae» - an exploration of seaweed farming - are two recent series in which photographs have been processed using what they depict as a developer. They will be presented alongside a brand new series of photographs showing the preparation of dashi by restaurants in Kyoto.

Mana Kikuta is presenting « The men would say, "If she cooks with such beautiful hands, it will be very tasty." », an ongoing series of photographs that seeks to reconnect with the lost language of Hajichi, a women's tattoo culture of the Okinawa islands, through the exploration of traditional Ryukyu fabrics with Kasuri patterns and Okinawa's natural resources.


83 Nurishiya-cho, Ayakojisagaru, Tominokoji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto