Kodo Chijiiwa

千々岩 孝道

Twinkling tableau

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi

In the night, before the sun rises, when I see the calm sea before me, and sense the presence of the ocean in the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea air, the black, not‒yet‒sunlit water sways in an uncertain pattern. Finally, the clouds part to allow the soft moonlight to fall on the scene, adding light and shade just as my vision has got used to the darkness. Little by little a form appears that I recognize. Perception and cognition start to blend, connected, while taking time, to my first adapting my existence to the town. I have attempted to portray such scenes using a temporal‒somatic approach to the perception of things and visualization of cognition. It was as if the camera became a broad brush, painting a twinkling tableau. Postscript In the history of the struggle for existence, only those beings ‒ including viruses and people ‒ that could "adapt" have survived, moving from the dark depths of the ocean to the sunlight overhead. Perhaps it was in the mind of that fish that rushed ahead beyond its limits that the history of the future was created.

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi

09:00 - 21:00

Admission free

Open:4/8-5/8 9:00-21:00

営業日はLen Kyoto Kawaramachiの営業日に準ずる

Len Kyoto Kawaramachi

709-3 Uematsu-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

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