Jean-Philipppe PERNOT


The path of a lifetime / 一期一会の道


A bouquet opens like a life in bloom, the flowers radiate from their open petals, the colours mix and the time of a life passing, the leaves will wrinkle, the petals will fall, the life will fade in favour of a new one, born from the first one and from the seeds left, infinite cycle of all life. Placed on the ground, along the path that leads from the street to the house, the prints accompany the visitor's, the guest's, journey from life to rebirth, as in all things that know their beginning, their climax and their end to give themselves again. The flowers are like fireworks that light up the eyes in slow motion. They also embody the vitality of rebirth, the announcement of fruits to come and as in the vanities of the XVIIth century in European painting, they testify to the fragility of all forms of existence. This bouquet that unfolds and fades to be reborn is a path of life that touches us.


11:00 - 15:00

visit + tea & sweets service (1,000 JPY) 
*need reservation from below
*Free parking available

Open:4/8-4/14, 4/29-5/8 11:00-15:00


30 ryoanjinishinokawa-cho,ukyou-ku,kyoto

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