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Shoyeido Kunjyukan

The present photographic research is called Nadeshiko, focusing his curiosity and attention to the subtle female sensuality of Japanese women. Black and white close ups of details of faces and body, hands and gestures, very peculiar and elegant in Japanese women. The concept of this work is a literary-photographic work, from reading many Japanese author’s books, discovered that he had very similar feeling and sensibility with many Japanese writers, finding phrases that describes perfectly his idea of sensuality and aesthetics, found that many of his images seems to describe the texts or vice versa. Simple black and white large format prints, strong framing, he focus on details and create the intimate mood, he show female beauty and harmony.

Shoyeido Kunjyukan

10:00 - 17:00

Admission free

Open: 4/21-5/15 10:00-17:00
Open everyday

Shoyeido Kunjyukan

Karasuma Nijo Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto

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