EVENT - イベント


2023.5.12 20:00~21:30 order 1 drink


Now & Then Kyoto

4th floor, 122-1 Shikiami-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto


KG+staff & KG+artist

Have you ever felt extremely interested after listening to artists and curators talk about their work? Many artworks alike can leave audiences so astonished they are often unexplainable with words. Instead, we try to use as many words as possible to deepen the feeling of seeing such artworks and help audiences reach the artwork’s true identity and message.

‘KG+ MEETING POINT’ differs greatly from many exhibitions and gives audiences another route to see many artworks on a smaller scale. By utilizing restaurants in and around Kyoto, we give opportunities where artists and audiences can talk about the artist’s work in a natural setting where everyone can share food and drinks. With this event, we hope that this ‘MEETING POINT’ connects the audiences and artists all together to a larger community.

5/12(金)20:00〜 Now and then Kyoto.
artists:KG+SELECT artists(Kouta Takahashi, Yulia Skogoreva)
navigator:KG+ program director
theme:about KG+SELECT 2023

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