“KG+” is a public art festival that first started in 2013 with the aim of discovering and supporting upcoming photographers and curators with 2024 being the 12th anniversary of this festival. We strive to present the state-of-the-art skills of upcoming photographers widely enlisted here in Kyoto to around the globe.
In cooperation with “KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photography Festival”, we give upcoming photographers and curators participating in KG+ opportunities to talk and collaborate with world-renowned curators and gallerists from Japan and around the world.
“KG+ SELECT” is another exhibition, where 10 artists out of the participants of “KG+” are selected to exhibit their work by judges working at an international degree. KG+ Awards 2024 Grand Prix is held between the selected 10 artists, with the winner given the invitation to exhibit their work in the official KYOTOGRAPHIE program next year in 2025.

OUTLINE - 開催概要

Organized by
2024.4.13 Sat.–5.12 Sun.
Sponsors & Partners
Main Sponsors: SIGMA CORPORATION, Fujifilm
Sponsors: The Kyoto Shimbun Printing, Kyoto Station Building Development Co.,Ltd., SunM color co., ltd, THE NORTH FACE, Kyoto TSUTAYA BOOKS
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Media Partners: The Kyoto Shimbun, JAPAN PHOTO AWARD, Sha shin magazine
Co-founder & Co-director
Lucille Reyboz

Yusuke Nakanishi
KG+Program Director
Yuki Nakazawa
KG+SELECT Director
Philippe Bergonzo
KG+Program manager
Ayaka Ito
Kaho Domae
Art Director
Kazuki Kitahara(UMMM)

Lucille Reyboz

Photographer. Born in 1973 in Lyon, France, Lucille Reyboz began her journey with photography in Africa, where she spent most of her childhood. She first came to Japan in 1999, invited by Ryuichi Sakamoto to collaborate on his opera “Life.” As a portrait photographer, Lucille Reyboz produced numerous record covers for labels such as Blue Note and Verve working with many renowned artists over her 20 years in the industry. She exhibited her work in Africa, Japan and around the world; most notably in Visa pour l’image (2001), Phillips de Pury in New York (2007), and CHANEL NEXUS HALL, Tokyo (2011). She published several books, including Batammaba by Gallimard, Belles de Bamako and Impressions du Japon with Keiichiro Hirano by Editions de la Martinière. Together with Yusuke Nakanishi, Lucille Reyboz co-founded and is the co-director of KYOTOGRAPHIE in 2013, and KYOTOPHONIE Borderless Music Festival in 2023.

Yusuke Nakanishi

Lighting Director. Yusuke Nakanishi was born in 1968 in Fukuoka, and currently lives in Kyoto. He travels the world, expressing his impressions of light and shadow from his memories. He has worked as a lighting director for music videos, feature films, stages, music concerts, fashion shows and interior designs. He also created lighting object series eatable lights and Tamashii and has exhibited installations at the Hara Museum, School Gallery (Paris), including Nuit Blanche in Kyoto. He co-founded KYOTOGRAPHIE with Lucille Reyboz in 2013 and is the co-director. In Autumn 2022, he was involved in the creative direction for Van Cleef & Arpels exhibition LIGHT OF FLOWERS, which was held on the grounds of Shimogamo Shrine and the Tadasunomori Forest. In 2023, he co-founded KYOTOPHONIE Borderless Music Festival with Lucille Reyboz.