The 3 Brackets of KG+ 2024

About KG+

“KG+” is a public art festival that first started in 2013 with the aim of discovering and supporting upcoming photographers and curators with 2024 being the 12th anniversary of this festival. We strive to present the state-of-the-art skills of upcoming photographers widely enlisted here in Kyoto to around the globe.
In cooperation with “KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photography Festival”, we give upcoming photographers and curators participating in KG+ opportunities to talk and collaborate with world-renowned curators and gallerists from Japan and around the world.
“KG+ SELECT” is another exhibition, where 10 artists out of the participants of “KG+” are selected to exhibit their work by judges working at an international degree. KG+ Awards 2024 Grand Prix is held between the selected 10 artists, with the winner given the invitation to exhibit their work in the official KYOTOGRAPHIE program next year in 2025.

– Awarding Potential and Progress

“KG+ SELECT” is an award branch within “KG+” which kicked off in 2019 as an open competition for photographers around the world. 10 artists are selected by judges and given exhibition space, and aid with setting up their own exhibition. For 1 month, whilst they are exhibiting their work, internationally renowned judges choose 1 out of the 10 artists as the winner of the KG+ Awards 2024 Grand Prix. The winner will be awarded a subsidy to hold an exhibition at KYOTOGRAPHIE the following year in 2025. “KG+ SELECT” attracts widespread media attention giving artists the opportunity to join the KYOTOGRAPHIE community, and promotes the development of promising artists

Exhibitions supported by KG+ and corporate sponsors

“KG+ SPECIAL” are exhibitions run by sponsor companies and KG+. Artists are given support by the sponsor companies and curators, aiding participating artists to create high-quality exhibits. Exhibits include the work and messages from sponsoring companies, connecting the work of artists with the audience and society.

Encountering a variety of expressions in Kyoto in the spring

KG + is a public photography festival featuring exhibits by upcoming artists and curators at exiting new venues. For KG + 2023, more than 80 exhibitions were held all around the city of Kyoto. The scale, time, and form of expression vary from exhibit to exhibit, but while rough, all the exhibits are original expressions bursting with energy. Yellow flags scattered throughout Kyoto mark the exhibit locations, where new discoveries and exchanges connecting neighborhoods, visitors, and artworks await.