KG+ 2023



Philippe Brame


Photographs & poems between France and Japan

I try to read the words of matter and the secret passage between forms.
Stones I Trees and other secrets is a creation in which encounters with the living, particularly in its mineral and vegetal forms, intersect between 2000 and 2022. The medium of photography is an update of the uncertainty and complexity of life. Here, each photograph is a garden. The tree is seen as a sign indicating meaning, the stone carries the direction and time, the man by his displacement or his out-of-frame, gives the opening or the fall. And finally, by escaping from the frame, the birds open Sakutei-Ki to a contemporary interpretation of the borrowed landscape, calligraphing the void to the point of inverting the notion of distance between the planes.

The ancient tradition of Japanese garden construction meets medieval France, not to evoke the past, but as the expression of an infinite present in other hidden forms: Stones I Trees and Other Secrets or the tonal movement of time in matter, life patiently seeking, in communion with all living things, to find the fullness of its form, the presence of spirits, of the elements of nature, of the creative forces of the universe, the particular notion of depth and perspective, the particular use of stone and the orientation of trees in the temporality of a space.


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