KG+ 2023



Micah Gampel

Kyoto Awakens, In Chic Street Fashion

2021-2023 by Micah Gampel Kyoto

It seemed a sea change in Kyoto was needed in the grey and empty Streets in 2020. Corona Virus had come here and tourists had suddenly stopped.
Kyoto people had decided to stay home and to stay away from all places with people. Kyoto's spirit had died & with no live music to revive it.

Department stores had walled off the fashion and makeup areas. Restaurants closed. Only food shopping was permitted.

I wanted to capture the mood of Kyoto, but my photos looked only empty of people, nothing more.
Then In late 2021 my eye was caught by colorful fashionable women hurrying by, and sometimes men too, parading the stations and bridges of Kyoto, again.

Women and girls wanted to come out and show how beautifully they could express their joy for life, leading the men back to living again.

In the city the minds of people were lifted.
These photos of so many in masks are as lovely as Carnevale di Venizia, everyone is a fashion model.


〒600-8418 京都市下京区烏丸通松原下る五条烏丸町397|397 Gojokarasumacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 6008418, Japan