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KG+ PHOTOBOOK FAIR 2024 — Call for Exhibitors

2024.1.15 News

At the KG+ PHOTOBOOK FAIR, publishers and bookstores from Japan and overseas gather to sell photobooks directly to the public at booths. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the unique appeal and beauty of photobooks and to provide a venue for new encounters with photobooks. You may discover a book that will change your life!

This year, we have expanded the range of participation by also offering smaller booths for individual artists.

■Event Details

Date: 2024.05.03 Fri.- 05.05 Sun.
Venue: Kurochiku Tenshokan 2F, 380 Mukadeya-cho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Admission: FREE

Organizer: KG+ PHOTOBOOK FAIR Executive Committee
Co-organizer: KYOTOGRAPHIE、KG+
Sponsor: Honeycomb Inc.

Exhibiting details

〈Booth A〉

Table size:1800 x 900mm (Large)
Exhibition fee:25,000 JPY + tax
Perks:2 passport tickets for KYOTOGRAPHIE 2024, Consignment sales at KYOTOGRAPHIE Information Center

*Regarding consignment sales, if there are a large number of exhibitors, consignment sales will be determined though a screening process.

〈Booth B〉

Table size:900 x 900mm (Small)
Exhibition fee:12,500JPY + tax
Perks:1 passport ticket for KYOTOGRAPHIE 2024

* One large table (1800 x 1800 mm) will be shared by two exhibitors.
* If there are a large number of applications for a Booth B, exhibitors will be determined through a screening process.

Payment of the exhibition fee

Payment information and deadlines will be announced after the application deadline.

Application details

An application to exhibit can be made using the form below.
Application period: 2024.01.15. — 02.29. 23:59(JST)

Exhibition booth details

– Two chairs will be provided for each booth.
– Some booths will have walls, but no thumbtacks, pins, nails, etc. may be used on the walls.
– All exhibitors are required to have at least one person attending their booth at all times during the duration of the photobook fair.
– Exhibitors are responsible for preparing necessary equipment, such as a cashbox, shopping bags, writing utensils, and tablecloth.

Venue details

– There is no Wi-Fi in the venue. Please bring a mobile router or other device for Internet access.
– A large amount of trash will be generated during the fair. We ask for your cooperation in separating trash.

Carry-in and parking

– There is no parking at the venue. Please understand that unauthorized parking may result in your vehicle being towed away. Temporary parking is also not allowed during carry-in and booth set-up. Please use the pay parking lot near the building or the coin-operated parking lot nearby. The KG+ office will not be held responsible if your vehicle is parked in a non-designated location and has to be towed away.

– Please either ship your exhibits in advance or bring them in on the designated day. We will inform you of the shipping address as soon as possible.

KG+ PHOTOBOOK FAIR is part of the KG+ program, a satellite event of KYOTOGRAPHIE. The first KG+ PHOTOBOOK FAIR was held in 2021, attracting many visitors despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This year will be the 3rd edition of the fair. We are eagerly looking forward to your exhibits. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address.

Contact:KG+ PHOTOBOOK FAIR Excectutitive Comittee