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KG+ 2024 Application Process

2023.11.3 News

KG+ 2024

Founded in 2013, KG+ is an open-entry art festival dedicated to discovering and supporting talented photographers, curators, and gallerists. KG+ is a satellite program of the KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival and is held concurrently every spring in Kyoto. KG+ offers an ideal forum for emerging and veteran artists, curators, and gallerists, as well as an opportunity for members of the international photographic arts community to meet up and network. With exhibitions presented citywide at a variety of venues in Kyoto, KG+ aims to encourage diverse creative expression and nurture a participatory public environment for global visitors and local citizens alike.

Application period

November 3rd – December 31st, 2024 23:59 (JST)
* Note: Applications made after the deadline will not be accepted. Please note that applications submitted by email will also not be accepted.

Exhibition Period

April 13th – May 12th, 2024

Exhibition Venues

・Applicants are asked to arrange their own exhibition venues within the city of Kyoto before they apply.

Applicant Eligibility

・Artists and curators are eligible to apply regardless of age, gender, nationality, profession, or prior experience.

・Applicants may be individuals or groups exhibiting photos, video, or installations that include photographic elements. (Group exhibits must be curated by a curator. Curation by exhibiting artists is acceptable.)

・Exhibits may be indoors or outdoors.

・Participants must be able to exhibit for at least 9 days between April 13th and May 12th, 2024, including weekends and holidays (excluding days when the venue is closed). 

Possible: April 13 – April 21  * Venue open every day during festival
Not Possible: April 12 – April 20  * Venue open every day
Possible: April 13 – April 23  * Venue closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Not Possible: April 13 – April 23  * Venue closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Possible: April 13 – May 3  * Venue closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Possible: April 30 – May 10  * Venue closed on Mondays
Not possible: April 13 – May 12 * Venue closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
Possible: April 22 – May 2  * Venue closed on Sundays and holidays

In order to accommodate visitors coming from far away, we recommend holding your exhibition for as long as possible. We also recommend that exhibitions start on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.
* Note: Applicants are welcome to apply for both KG+ and KG+ SELECT. (Applications can be accepted for the same series or different series.)

How to apply

Please fill in the application form on the KG+ website, and submit it along with a data file of your artwork.

Application fee

The application fee is ¥10,000. Please pay in advance by bank transfer or PayPal. (If you use PayPal, enter the PayPal transaction ID number on the application form.) 

Selection process

・The screening of applications will be carried out by the members of the KG+ Executive Committee. The results will be announced at the end of January 2024 on the official KG+ website. 

・All exhibitions selected for KG+  can be held as an official program of KG+.

・In KG+2024, the participating exhibitions will be divided into three categories based on a comprehensive screening of the quality and concept of the works, the scale and originality of the exhibition, and other factors.
* Note: The website will be posted with images, text information (regular information on exhibitions), and map information (linked to Google Maps) for all exhibitions, regardless of category.

(1)KG+ for Collectors(2)KG+ PICK UP(3)KG+
CategorieNew category established to reach collectors. Tagged in promotional materials.A category that highlights higher quality exhibitions.Existing category. A wide range of artists can participate.
Printed materialImage and text informationImage and text informationText information only
WEBImage and text informationImage and text informationImage and text information
Image sizeLargeMediumSmall
Additional fee50,000 JPY15,000 JPYNone
Special offer2 passport tickets of
1 passport ticket of
1 passport ticket of
* Note: The categories of (1) and (2) will incur additional fees and will be available only to those who prefer it. Exhibitors may choose which category you would like to participate in, after the relevant category is determined according to the quality of the exhibition.
** Note: The KG+ Executive Committee will determine the selection method, selection results, design (promotional materials and website), number of items to be listed, size, etc., and will not accept any requests or appeals.

Submission guidelines

Put the following materials (1) through (5) into a single folder, accessible in an online storage format (*Google Drive is recommended), and enter the link in the application form. 

* Note: Please note that the submitted materials may be used by the KG+ Executive Committee for publicity purposes.

(1) Text information: Please include the following in one document. *All must be written in both Japanese and English.

・Title of the artwork (series title)
・Exhibition statement (About 200 words in English. Please write in third-person. Applicants are welcome to refer to the exhibition statements published on the 2023 KG+ website.)
・Artist profile and bio
・Artist website
* Note: In the case of a group exhibit, the curator should prepare the information and a profile for all members or for the representative artist(s).

(2) Exhibition floor plan 

・A diagram of the venue showing the exhibition layout (please also indicate the size of the venue). A freehand drawing is acceptable. Please prepare in .pdf or .jpg format. Slight adjustments to the plan are permissible during the actual exhibition.
・A photograph of the venue (required).

(3) Proof of permission to use the exhibition venue 

・A document confirming reservation of the venue for the exhibition period. The document must include the following: the full name of the person responsible for the venue, his/her personal seal or signature, the address of the venue, and a written note stating that the applicant is granted permission to use the venue. (sample)

(4) Digital images of the artwork to be exhibited (less than 20 JPG files), or (in the case of a video presentation of the work) a YouTube or Vimeo URL link. Or both. 

〈Photo images〉
Image data file names should be in this form: serial number_artist name_title of individual image_copyright = series title. 
Example: (01_John Smith_Title#1_©John Smith = Series name)
* Artwork image resolution: 300 dpi; size: around A5 or A4; the 20 images should not total more than around 50-100M.

If you would like to make a presentation of your exhibited works by video, please write the YouTube or Vimeo URL link in a text file.

(5) A recent photograph of the artist (the image file name must include the applicant’s name)

* Image resolution: 300 dpi; size: long side should be around 100mm to 150mm 

** Please note that submitted materials may be edited by the KG+ office for publication. The KG+ office will be responsible for editing the content of all exhibition-related materials, including the promotional booklet.


Below is the planned schedule. Please note that it is subject to change. 

〈Late January〉
The selection results for KG+SELECT / KG+ will be announced on the KG+ website. 

〈Late February〉
An overview of the exhibitions will be published on the KG+ website.

〈Late March〉
Promotional flyer or map will be ready.

〈April 13th – May 12th 2024〉
KYOTOGRAPHIE / KG+ will be held. During the exhibition period, we plan to hold events and receptions for each exhibition, as well as opening and closing events by the festival sponsors/organizers. Please join us! We will continue to keep you informed of details.

Application Rules and Disclaimer

・Applicants are responsible for securing the venue for their exhibit at the time of application.
・Applicants are responsible for all expenses related to their exhibit, such as rental venues, printing, framing, use of projectors, and moving things in and out of the exhibition space.
・The applicant is responsible for monitoring the venue during the exhibition period and any associated time periods. KG+ is not responsible for providing assistance or for any damage or losses. 
・The organizer may freely use images of submitted works on the KG+ website and in printed materials, etc., with the name of the artist specified, for the purpose of promoting KG+.
・If the applicant cancels the exhibit after the KG+ exhibition has been decided, the applicant may be required to pay a penalty (e.g., to cover the cost of producing new promotional materials).
・If a third party makes a claim of copyright infringement or compensation for damages, the applicant will be responsible for dealing with the claim, and the organizer will not be held responsible in any way.
・Each exhibition organizer is an event promoter collaborating with KG+, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation in publicizing the event in cooperation with KG+ through public relations and SNS.

Other support

Posters and flags will be displayed during the exhibition period.
Applicants may participate in educational programs such as master classes held during KYOTOGRAPHIE and portfolio reviews by invited internationally-active experts at discounted prices. Details will be announced by email.