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Yoshida Dormitory Photography Club

Yoshida Domitory Dining Hall

"Yoshida Dormitory with a history of 110 years, is home to over a hundred students enrolled at Kyoto University. Presently, the dormitory is embroiled in a dispute with the university authorities. The lawsuit was filed against approximately 40 residents of the dorm’s oldest building Gen-to, demanding their evacuation. Gen-to, meaning 'the Present Building,' is a two-story wooden structure erected in 1913.

While the primary rationale cited is the aging of the building, the evacuation claim includes the seismic retrofitted 'Dining Hall.' This building, referred to as the Dining Hall, has been utilized as a space for voluntary activities and creativity, open to dorm residents and non-residents alike, ever since the university decided to cease its dining functions in the 1980s.

By physically visiting the Dining Hall and displaying the atmosphere of events, the exhibition aims to encourage exhibition visitors to reflect on the ongoing legal proceedings.

The initial verdict of the lawsuit, filed under the principle of 'prioritizing student safety,' is scheduled to be delivered in February 2024."

Yoshida Domitory Dining Hall