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Flow (若林久未来, 松本和史, 谷村良太)

Flow (Kumiko Wakabayashi, Kazuhito Matsumoto, Ryota Tanimura)

Flows ~Indians in Kansai~

Japan-India relations have a long history, beginning in the 6th century when Buddhism was introduced to Japan, but actual people-to-people exchanges did not begin until the modern era. It is not well known that many Indians immigrated to Japan in the late Meiji period and formed a large community in the Kansai region. We continue to document Indian society in Kansai with the cooperation of the Indian Consulate General. The theme of this work is Flows. Indian society in the Kansai region has been undergoing constant transformation over the years, and like the flow of a river, nothing remains in its original form, but on the other hand, it is melting, mixing, and creating new forms. It has also created a culture. The past, the present that will soon become the past, and the future are all part of a huge “flows”. We attempted a new photographic expression using classical photographic techniques and digital technology. I hope that this work, which records the story of a certain immigrant community, will serve as an opportunity to think about the future direction of globalization.

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