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Yuka Takasu
Born and currently resides in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. She was the first recipient of the KYOTOGRAPHIE x Ruinart "Ruinart Japan Award" established in 2021, and participated in the Ruinart Art Residency Program during her stay in France in the fall of 2021. He won the Special Jury Prize in the Photobook category of the 55th Fujifilm Photo Contest, among other awards. He is the president of the design office 211design-meme. Lecturer of "Etcetera Related to Photography" on how to have fun after taking pictures. He travels around Europe and Asia, attempting to express the boundary between travel and daily life and something that cannot be expressed in words from various perspectives. He uses various materials, mainly paper, but also cloth and acrylic, and creates works that explore "unexpected anticipation" from the perspective of coincidence and probability kogaku, using familiar advanced technologies such as AI.

my photo collections include "kiitos" (2014), "NEW ANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY" (2015), "◯ (maru/circular)" (2016), "KIASMA" (2017), "Omonpacal" (2018), "mille-pèlerille,YELLOW PAGES, RED PAGES,BLUE PAGES" (2019), "GREEN PAGES" (2020) and "WHITE PAGES" (2021), which are sold and developed at art book fairs around the world.
I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel [Basel, Switzerland] Printed Matter, NY ART BOOK FAIR [New York, USA] TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR [Tokyo, Japan] Taipei Art book fair Kusadateki [Taipei, Taiwan] UNLIMITED EDITION- Seoul Art Book Fair [Seoul, Korea] New Japanese Horizon:The WAH Center's 23rd Anniversary Year [Brooklyn, USA Brooklyn, U.S.A.] SETOUCHI ART BOOK FAIR [Setouchi, Japan] etc.




11:00 - 16:00

Open: 4/15-5/14 11:00-16:00 Open everyday

4/15(土)・16(日)客室内限定展示 (要予約)


103-3 Oide-cho,Higashiyama-ku,kyoto

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