KG+ 2023




Ryuhei Yokoyama

CITY from the WIND / Rebellion and Freedom

The exhibition begins with "WIND" - an image of coincidence and urban landscapes of light, followed by "WALL" - a methodological study of the chaotic existence of walls on the street and "STUFF" - focusing on the aging of objects. The exhibitions are structured of these three series in response to What is a city? When considering the city - a space founded on the speed of deconstruction and reconstruction - the essential themes of the series are: ''to become New through continuous loss and damage,'' ''to be Lost through continuous addition and multiplication,'' and ''to Drift along evenly between disappearance and emergence.'' These are the essential themes that run through the series. The methods and techniques - the selection of media to the prints that are intentionally destroyed as acts embodying the themes, serve as a mechanism for the functioning of the artist's vision of the city. When the themes, the linkages, emerge as an entity in a single space, the artist's poise concerning the city should also be captured, to a greater or lesser extent.

gallery NEUTRAL

287 Saikachicho, Kyoto Shi Kamigyo Ku, Kyoto Fu, 602-8242, Japan
Horikawa New Culture Building Kyoto 2F