KG+ 2023



Kazuhiro Ohashi

Nagi-no-sora - the sky of the calm

A topos of time and space opened up in the heavens. The words of my late mentor, psychiatrist Dr. Kiyoshi Kato, in response to my paper describing the process of psychological therapy I was in charge of. One day, when the therapy sessions seemed to be stagnant, both my client and I happened to come to the room looking up at the beautiful mid-autumn moon, and when they said, "Would you like to enjoy the moon together today?",I hesitantly agreed with her. Then, the dialogue deepened, and we didn't view the moon, feeling the moonlight in my mind. This was the turning point for the sessions. Topos is a Greek word meaning "place". The time and place where transformation and development take place appear with a peculiarity that is somehow disconnected from ordinary time and space. We open ourselves to the place that appears by chance, disconnected from the flow of our daily lives, which are filled with firm assumptions. The topos opens up even in the gaps between our days, or in the moments when we stop in the middle of our walking journey. The atmosphere of the place evokes the inner depths of consciousness, the subjectivity is shaken, and images of unconscious awareness spring up. This is what art is all about. In the topos under the open sky of the calm.

Community Lab N5.5

529 Izumi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto