Asano Tsutsumi

堤 麻乃

In progress

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In progress' refers to an ongoing process of photographic image-making, using photography's fundamental technique of drawing with light. Illuminating the model space with a torch, then photographing the shadow. The image of the shadow is then returned to its original position in the model space, illuminated and photographed again. The space becomes a two-dimensional image, placed and layered in the real space. Lit and photographed repeatedly. Light complicates the image and at the same time erases it. Images are gradually altered through these processes, affecting our perception of time, space, and scale within. This repetitive process itself is the subject of the work which continues to evolve through exhibitions.

gallery metabo

11:00 - 18:00

Open: 4/14-4/30 11:00-18:00 Open everyday

gallery metabo

Metabookazaki103, 18, Shogoin Sannocho, Kyoto Shi Sakyo Ku, Kyoto Fu, 606-8392, Japan

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